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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Morgan Stanley: The 360 Performance Evaluation Process

▪ 1993: Morgan Stanley (MS) implements firmwide 360-degree evaluation process for over 2,000 professional employees at cost of over $1.5M.

▪ MS’s HR department is called Office of Development; Chief Development Officer is Tom DeLong

The New System:
▪ Guiding Principle: 360-degree feedback solicited from: o Superiors
o Peers
o Subordinates o “Internal Clients”

▪ The Process:
▪ Professional Employees identify folks in Firm with whom they regularly interact. ▪ List of Prospective Evaluators (Evaluation Request Form or ERF) is reviewed by evaluatee’s manager. ▪ ERF submitted to Office of Development ▪ Office of Development distributes eval forms to the people on the ERF, collects complete evaluations and processes them into Year-end Packet for each evaluatee. ▪ Concurrently, each professional completes a self-evaluation

▪ Evaluation Criteria:
▪ A big challenge was deciding on criteria. 4 broad categories won out: • Market/Professional Skills (analytical skills, market knowledge) • Management and Leadership

• Commercial Orientation (client relationship management) • Teamwork/One Firm Contribution

▪ Generally, an open –ended form asking for specific info on strengths and weaknesses across all four areas was used. ▪ Investment Banking Division also used a 5 point scale (1=unsat, 5=outstanding) ▪ Performance Criteria were increasingly rigorous as one progressed up the organizational ladder (Managing Directors held...
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