Annual Confidential Report (Acr) for Consideration of Promotion to the Higher Rank

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Operational Manual of Annual Confidential Report Module

1.1Login into ACR Module using default USER ID and PASSWORD. * Each employee’s ID is set as his/her USER ID & the default PASSWORD is ‘’.

While login for the first time everyone should change his/her PASSWORD. This screen will appear automatically. Users must change his/her default password before submitting ACR FORM or Marking ACR.

1.2. Main Menu screen of the “ACR Module”:

1.3. Employee will click on the “Submit ACR” menu. His/her information will appear automatically. Employee needs to fill up his/her Reporting Officer & Countersigning Officer’s ID only. Then click on the “Submit” button. Employee can search his/her Reporting Officer & Countersigning Officer’s Employee ID by clicking the “Search” button, if Reporting Officer and Countersigning Officer’s ID is unknown.

1.3.1. Select current Department/Branch/Division/Zone of the Reporting Officer or Counter Signing Officer from the Drop-Down list and his designation from the respective list & then click “Submit” button. A list with the specified designation at the specific posting will appear.

1.3.2. Click the name of the Reporting Officer/ Counter Signing Officer from the list.

2.1. Reporting Officer’s Activity:

Each Reporting Officer will click on the “Reporting Officer” Menu. A list consisting ID of the Employees will appear, who already had submitted their appraisal form to the corresponding Reporting Officer. Reporting Officer should select one of them and click on the submit button.

2.2. Then Reporting Officer will make his assessment and comments for the employee being assessed here. Then he will click the “Submit” button. It will save the marks at the system. * Reporting Officer may change marks anytime before sending it to the Countersigning Officer.

2.3. After marking all employees under him, Reporting Officer should send ACR to respective Counter Signing Officer by clicking “Send to Countersigning Officer”...
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