Molar Conversions

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Mole Conversion
Web Quest
EO 103
What the heck is a mole? We have Avagadro ( and others) to thank for this…….. 6.02 x 1023 is the number of “things” per mole of the substance. Here is a tutorial for an over view and for a reference as you work through these problems We can use this to do mathematical conversions to determine mass, volume, and number of atoms or molecules in a given substance. For example let’s check out this video to convert moles methane (CH4) to grams of methane. Once you have finished the video let’s practice by completing these problems (be sure to include units!):

1. How many moles are represented by 16.0 g of ethanol, C2H5OH ? ❖ C = 12.011g/mol H = 1.00797g/mol O = 16.00g/mol
❖ 2C + 6H + O
❖ 46.07g/mol
❖ *16.0g/(46.07g/mol) = .35 mol

2. How many moles of NaCl are in 16.0 grams of NaCl?
❖ Na = 23.00g/mol Cl = 35.45g/mol
❖ Na + Cl
❖ 58.45g/mol
❖ *16.0g/(58.45g/mol) = .27 mol

3. How many moles of potassium hydroxide, KOH are in 40.6 g? ❖ K = 39.00g/mol O = 16.00g/mol H = 1.00g/mol
❖ K + O + H
❖ 56.00g/mol
❖ *40.6g/(56.00g/mol) = .725g/mol

4. How many moles of glucose, C6H12O6 are in 27.2 g of glucose? ❖ C = 12.011g/mol H = 1.00797g/mol O = 16.00g/mol ❖ 6C +12H + 6O
❖ 180.16164g/mol
❖ *0.151g/mol

How are we doing? How about the opposite? What if you want to determine the mass of a substance that is represented by moles? Check this video out…………..

Once you are finished let’s practice it again….

1. How many grams in 0.158 moles of KMnO4?
❖ K = 39.00g/mol Mn = 54.93g/mol O = 16.00g/mol
❖ K + Mn + 4O
❖ 157.93g/mol
❖ *24.95g/KMnO4

2. How...
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