Sc155 – Mini Project #3

Topics: Antacid, Hydrochloric acid, Antacids Pages: 3 (256 words) Published: August 25, 2012
Please remember to show all your work for the calculations in questions 1 and 2. These can be added at the end of this document (see Calculations Section). Complete the yellow shaded regions in the document below.

Question #1

Volume NaOH used in back-titration (mL)
Volume NaOH used in back-titration (L)
Moles NaOH used in back-titration
24.1 mL

22.4 mL

20.0 mL

19.9 mL

24.4 mL

Based on the values you calculated above, which antacid is the strongest / weakest on a single-dose basis? Please explain.

Question #2

Moles HCl neutralized by the antacid
Mass of one dose
Moles/gram for one dose

20.0 g


21.0 g


18.0 g


18.3 g


17.5 g

Based on the values you calculated above, which antacid is the strongest / weakest on a by-weight (mass) basis? Please explain.

Question #3

What might you have used in the above experiment in order to see a visible color change in the solution? At what pH would the solution have been neutral?

Question #4

If you had walked into the lab, only to discover that you only had 0.1 M sulfuric acid available to run you tests, how might this have affected your calculations? Why?

Question #5

Balance the following reaction.

Al(OH)3 + HCl  AlCl3 + H2O

Question #6

FDA major findings report and summary.

Calculations Section

Please show calculations for questions #1 and #2 here.
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