Mobile Surveillance Robot with Robotic Arm

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Mobile Surveillance Robot with Robotic Arm

We have developed a mobile robotic vehicle controlled by Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) signals which possesses a CCD wireless camera for surveillance purpose and a TRR configuration Robotic Arm for pick and place type of objectives. The purpose of making the robot is to automate the work cycle of a human operator working as a member of bomb squad.

For the construction of vehicle we have incorporated Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) C section and the vehicle is driven by high torque DC motors. To generate the control signals we have developed a DTMF Transmitter (Tx.)/ Receiver (Rx.) circuit. To generate DTMF signals we have used UM91214 DTMF generator which sends DTMF signals to the FM Tx. This FM Tx. in turn sends signals to FM Rx. Presently we have developed the system for a range of 1 km and tested up to 100 m, but it could easily be extended. At the receiving end we have standard FM Rx circuit which receives the DTMF and sends to DTMF decoder IC CM8870. The output of the CM8870 is in turn fed to Atmel AT89S52 Micro Controller (programmed as desired) to generate suitable output signal required by motor driver L298 to run the DC motors. A similar electronic circuit is used for the wireless control of Robotic Arm placed on the vehicle. In all, we have used 2 DTMF generation circuits, 2 Fm Tx circuits, 2 Fm Rx circuits, 2 DTMF decoders, 2 Micro controllers and 2 Motor driver IC’s. To run the entire system we have used a 12 V, 5 Ah battery.

Another way of controlling the robot is using 2 mobile phones. One mobile phone will act as DTMF generator and another one as receiver.

The material for Robotic Arm was not a conventional metal but GFRP having high strength characteristics in comparison to metals and lower density. Hence, overall weight of arm and vehicle is reduced. The motors for Robotic Arm are self locking, high torque geared DC motors.

A wireless CCD...
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