Arm 7 Project

Topics: Electric motor, Microcontroller, Servomechanism Pages: 33 (4553 words) Published: February 22, 2013
A) Components assembling

|The arm control by robotics is very popular in the world of robotics. The essential part of the robotic arm is a programmable micro controller | |based brick capable of driving basically Two servos & a dc motors design to form an anthropomorphic structure. | |Our primary objective is to make the Robotic arm, having two servo motors & a dc motor to interface with the In-Development of a Microcontroller| |Based Robotic Arm. It provides more interfaces to the outside world and has larger Memory to store many programs | |Approach: | |We were able to perform a detailed study of the robotic arm and the micro-controller. We Tested the built robotic arm, and the servo motors & dc | |motors when the robot is loaded. We also learnt and familiarized with the micro-controller using assembly language, and converting the assembly | |language codes to hexadecimal codes using a development board. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Mechanical Structure of the Arm: | |In constructing our arm, we made use of Two servo motors and a dc motors and gears since our structure is a three dimensional structure. A typical| |prototype that we employed is as shown in Figure. There is a servo motor at the base, which allows for circular movement of the whole Structure; | |another at the shoulder which allows for upward and downward movement of the Arm; while at last dc motor at the wrist allows for the picking of | |objects by the magnetic hand. | | | | | |Micro-Controller: | | | |The various components of the MCU shown in Figure 2 are explained below: | |Random Access Memory (RAM): RAM is used for temporary storage of data during runtime....
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