Mobile Services

Topics: Mobile phone, 2G, High-definition video Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Mobile Services

INF325: Telecommunications & Networking Concepts
Instructor: Stephanie Gonzaga
March 25, 2012

a. What are smart phones?
Smart phones are mobile phones that have advance computing abilities as well as connectivity than your basic phones. Smart phones combine cameras, web browsers, and other non-talk capabilities. Smart phones are phones such as the Blackberry and the iPhone. b. What changed from 1G cellular technology to 2G technology? The change from 1G cellular technology to 2G is the fact that 2G allows texting as well as the exchange of low quality photographs. c. Compare typical 2G speeds with 3G speeds.

2G speeds is a slow 10 kbps and 3G speeds is a whopping 300 kbps to 500 kbps, which allows the phone to have a faster data usage. Two things they both can do is texting and photographs, but 3G is somewhat faster. d. What are likely to be typical download speeds for early 4G systems? The typical download speeds for the early 4G speeds are up to 10x faster than 3G. That's like swapping out DSL for a high-speed cable modem. e. What speeds will 4G support eventually?

4G will eventually support speeds of 1 Gbps for stationary users and 100 Mbps for moving users. That is good thing because you can get to a website quicker as well as being able to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time. f. At what generation did video downloads and reasonably fast web access become feasible? I would say that the fourth generation is when video downloads and reasonably fast web access became feasible, because 4G is where it has ended. It started all the way in the 1980s when the 1G came out, however 3G is when the video downloads were around in the 2000s. g. What generation is sufficient for high-definition video and very fast web access? The fourth-generation is sufficient for high definition video and very fast web access. First, Second and Third generation does not have ADSL speeds or excellent quality-of-service management,...
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