Mobile Marketing Communication

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“It’s all about communication and trust relationships.”

– Vesku Paananen, the father of the ringtone business, 2000

The marketing communications environment has changed rapidly during the last few years. Specifically, mass markets have been broken down into fragmented Markets, and therefore, marketers are now shifting away from mass marketing. Marketers are developing targeted marketing communications to build and maintain relationships with customers in more narrowly defined niche markets. Consequently, companies’ interactions with customers are increasingly managed by technologies that enable the firms to personalize communications in real time across multiple media platforms and channels. Thus, marketing communications is nowadays increasingly interactive by nature. Interactive media changes marketing communications from a one-way process to a two-way process with the interaction of the consumer and marketer at the core. This view of interactive marketing is obviously motivated by Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). During the past decade, IMC has generated an increasing interest among academics and practitioners. From an interactive marketing viewpoint, IMC not only defines and assigns the integrated role of diverse communication media but also addresses how the combination of different media enhanced.


This dissertation aims to examine the theoretical and empirical foundations of the mobile marketing phenomenon. While numerous studies have yielded important insights into this topic, the existing mobile marketing literature appears to be inconsistent and somewhat fragmented. With the help of two action research projects, interviews of mobile marketing practitioners, and an online survey, this study aims to contribute to our understanding of the nature of mobile marketing communications in consumer markets.

The current state of mobile marketing research based on a review and an analysis of extant literature that focuses on mobile (or wireless) applications aimed at marketing or advertising. Various definitions of mobile marketing are evaluated and a more technologically-agnostic definition is provided. The framework of the mobile marketing communications environment that delineates how mobile marketing should be integrated into a company's integrated marketing communications strategy. A comprehensive overview of divergent mobile marketing activities is provided, along with representative examples derived from popular press. In addition, a detailed description of mobile marketing campaign planning and its implementation process is provided. The conceptual model of the relationships between interactive integrated marketing communications and database management in a mobile context. The results from empirical research suggest that consumers are willing to participate in Short Message Service (SMS) marketing in a retailing context.

Keywords: Integrated Marketing Communications, mobile advertising, mobile commerce, mobile marketing communications, divergent mobile marketing.


2G: Also known as Personal Communications Services (PCS), second generation wireless service refers to the digital mobile phone technologies that emerged and were deployed during the 1990’s, delivering both voice and data transmissions. 2G technology standards include Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Time Division multiple Access (TDMA), and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

3G: The third generation wireless service promises to provide high data speeds, always-on data access and greater voice capacity. The high data speeds enable full motion video, high-speed internet access and...
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