Mobile Location Service

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Mobile Location Service and Room Chatting System Using Android Bluetooth




Abstract—Android platform is a new generation of smart mobile phone platform launched by Google. Android provides the support of mobile map and location service, which is probably a concern of vast numbers of developers. So far, the development of mobile map and location applications is complex and difficult, and is often required to pay high copyright fees to map makers. Android is free and open, providing an easy-to-use development kit containing flexible map display and control functions. Bluetooth provides a low -power and low -cost wireless connection amo ng mob ile d evices an d th eir a ccessories, which is an open standard for implementing a short-range wireless communication. Blue tooth is integrated into Android which is a mainstream smart phone platform as a mean of mobile communication. This paper integrates these services and use this combination to locate the employee within the company and pass the information secretely using Bluetooth chat room technology.

Keywords--Android; location based service; driving trace; Bluetooth; chat room


The Open Handset Alliance released the Google Android SDK on November 12, 2007 . The conception of the Android platform is attracting more and more programmers in mobile computing fields. Android is a package of software for mobile devices, including an operating system, middleware and core applications. The Android SDK provides powerful tools and APIs necessary to develop applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

Android also supports GPS, VideoCamera, compass, and 3d-accelerometer and provides rich APIs for map and location functions. Users can flexibly access, control and process the free Google map and implement location based mobile service in his mobile systems at low cost. Android platform will not only promote the technology (including the platform itself) of innovation, but also help to reduce development costs, and enable developers to form their mobile systems with unique characteristics.


The Android architecture and its main components are shown in Fig.1 as follows [1] [5]

[pic]Figure 1. Android architecture.

A. Applications

A set of core applications are on the top level in the framework, including an email client, a SMS app, a calendar, a maps-application, web browser, contacts-app, and many more. All apps are written using the Java programming language.

B. Application Framework

Developers have full access to the same framework APIs used by the core applications. The application architecture is designed to simplify the reusing of all components. This mechanism allows every component to be replaced by the user. Underlying all applications is a set of services and systems, including a rich and extensible set of ActivitiesViews that can be used to build an application, including grids, lists, textViews editIntroductionTexts, Spinners, Buttons, an embeddable web browser and even an MapView which can be put into every app within very few lines of code; Content Providers that enable applications to access data from other applications (such as Contacts), or to share their own data; a automatic Resource Manager, making non-code resources accessible from code; a Notification Manager that enabling all applications to show custom alerts in the upper status bar; an Activity Manager managing the life of each applications and providing a useful navigation backtrack.

C. Libraries

Android includes a set of C/C++ libraries used by various components of the...
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