Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Violence against women Pages: 6 (1853 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Type: Block Method
Title: Women: Is it beneficial to empower them to Hold Positions apart from traditional ones Introduction
Context: Women
Subject: Empowering women
Limited Subject: 1) Holding positions apart from traditional ones. 2) The advantages and disadvantages
Thesis: The essay will discuss and find whether the disadvantages advantage of empowering women to hold positions beside their roles in a traditional system is most important to their life and communities. Disadvantages

Main Idea 1: Family Breakdown
Supporting Idea 1: Wife can be out of control if employed
i) Can assess to Alcohol
ii) Can Date other men
Supporting Idea 2: Divorces increase
i) Employed women can be self-dependent
ii) Wives may rely no more on husbands
Main Idea 2: No one will care for the home
Supporting Idea 1: Children of employed couples will not be well disciplined i) Mothers will have no time to care
ii) and to show love
Supporting Idea 2) Houses will not be well managed
i) Wife will not have time to clean
ii) Untidy and unmanaged house

Main Idea 3: Women are vulnerable to violence especially if they work
Supporting Idea 1: Rape
i) 95 % of sexually raped victims around the world are women ii) 68 % are sexually raped when away from home
Supporting Idea 2: Husbands Jealousy that results in Domestic Violence i) Happens if a wife comes late from work
ii) Or seen with other men
Transition Paragraph
* Suppress the disadvantage by supporting the advantages
* Importance of empowering women
* Moving to the second part
Main Idea 4: If women are empowered, it can reduce poverty around the world.
Supporting Idea 1: Women have the largest number of unemployment i) Most women rely on men
ii) Women make only about 40 % of employed individuals while me 60 % around the world Supporting Idea 2: Women forms the largest number of poverty on earth i) 70% from 1.1 billion people in 2005 who live in extreme poverty are women ii) The power of cultures that suppress them from employment is a main cause. Main Idea 5: Leadership or Employment can reduce violence to women.

Supporting Idea 1: Respect
i) If a women is employed, she can receive respect from her husband especially if the husband is unemployed ii) About 70% of women are abused because of disrespect

Supporting Idea 2: Defying women ownership makes women vulnerable to violence i) Many cultures defy women from ownership i.e land, making their reliance on men so great that even when abused or beaten, they will never divorce. ii) One in there women around the world die from violence. Conclusion:

Restatement to thesis: The advantages of empowering women are more effective and helpful to families and communities. Implication: Women occupy the largest figure of unemployment and poverty around the world. Employing them can decrease poverty creating a prosperous and happy community with less violence. Recommendation: Empowering women needs to be supported by everyone in order to save the life of many women under discrimination. Final thought: Empowering women is not a problem but is a benefit to the family and the community.

This essay will discuss and find whether the disadvantages or advantages of empowering women to hold positions beside their roles in traditional systems are effective and helpful to women and communities. It will first explore the disadvantages of empowering women such as it can causes like family breakup, the main role of women in the home that can be forgot if women are empowered to work and the vulnerability of women to violence if they are empowered. The Second part will discuss the advantages of empowering women which can reduce poverty among women and end violence against them. In the conclusion, the essay will back up the second part which is the advantage of empowering women to hold positions beside their traditional...
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