Topics: Matsuo Bashō, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize, Aztec Pages: 3 (626 words) Published: April 1, 2013
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Cultural analysts have been contributing to the world over the years to help humanity to understand their origin and the manner in which cultural notions have developed all this time. Similar tasks have been done by Florentine Codex discussing Aztec Culture (1547-1579), Popol Vuh expounding Maya/Guatamala culture (1554-1558), Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz with Mexican ontology (1648-1695) and Matsuo Basho discussing Japanese culture (1644-1694). This paper aims to understand the manner in which the above noted cultural analysts have present each cultural in a unique way. Florentine Codex (Aztec Cultural)

Florentine Codex is a detail description of Aztec Culture documented by one of the earliest and anthropologist Bernardio. (World Digital Library) He researched for thirty years and compiled each and every part of that culture. Florentine Codex covers whole Mesoamerica’s beliefs, norms, style, traditions, religion and social structure in the native language of Nahut. Most of the Florentine Codex have pictures which depicts the life style of the people. Bernardino’s method of research was very unique. For gathering information he used to ask men and women both for every detail like which god they honor. His work of more than 24,000 pages considers being the most reliable research project ever done.

Popol Vuh Maya/Guatamala 1554-1558
Popol Vuh is the authentic version of Mayan’s text written in Quiche. These texts explain the philosophy, cosmology and psychology of Mayan’s people, their relation with other communities and societies. It explains their attachment with their gods, hymns and priests. It also mentioned the chronology of their ancient kings who they used to honor the most. Popol Vuh is the only remain source of information connects us to that civilization, to a unique system of rituals and life style. Most of its texts were destroyed by Spanish. The Spanish control over Mayans people...
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