Working Women or Housewives ?

Topics: Family, Mother, Better Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: November 17, 2010
It is possibly a reality that earlier the women were not given more prominence and were not exposed to the outer world. However, nowadays due to the rapid increase in the technology the scenario has changed completely. Women have been empowered today. Our life can be considered to a coin. We can have only one side of the coin. If we choose to be a housewife, we normally have no other way but to cook at home and look after the children. The benefit behind this is that the children get the utmost pleasure of their mothers and the love of their grandfather and grandmother. They are delighted by the social relations and in this context their personal relations with others will be improved. On the other hand, if we choose to become a working woman, she has to work for which she gets paid and her family gets the benefit of having a good living. Due to the hike in prices, today people cannot afford to have a quality life with less or a minimum of money which the head of the family earns. If the lady in the house also works, the quality of life will be better. Her children will get the benefit of all facilities like good education, good clothing and so forth in the society. They only thing they lack would be the love and the time which the parents cannot spare for their children, but all others would remain the same. We could not deny that a housewife would give good love and care to her children, her in-laws and everybody at home, but she cannot be helpful to her family in term of the economic matters whereas a working woman can be helpful to her husband and family economically. She can give her best quality of life to her children and family members. Her skills can be shared among her children. The children develop within themselves to imitate others and hence try to imitate their mother by her matured quality. Her knowledge improves every day. She gets to know more information on the everyday quality of life. However, she cannot give her love and care to children....
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