Miss.Aishwarya Ramisetti

Topics: University, Extracurricular activity, Algorithm Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Associate Professor,
Department of Information Technology,
C.V.R College of Engineering,
Email-Id : b.vikranth@gmail.com


I have known Ms.Aishwarya Ramisetti for the past three and a half years,as a student with excellent technical aptitude. I taught her the subjects “C and Data Structures,C++ and Design and Analysis of Algorithms”.During this time,I had the opportunity to observe her closely.

Monitoring her keen interest and deep insight in classroom and extra curricular activities, I consider Aishwarya to be one of the finest and determined students among all those,for whom I taught during my tenure.She cultured her knowledge by choosing inquisitive and analytical tasks. She has a very good record of maintaining consistent attendance and retaining the top grade.

Her ability to convince people has always impressed me. Good communication and organizational skills help her to be at the forefront of organizing various events.She has the ability to voice her ideas clearly.Her interest,persistent attitude and intellectual curiosity drive her to get deeply involved in her work and excel in it.She has an inquisitive mind and good interpretation abilities that will greatly facilitate research work at your university.

She has got an admirable hold on various topics related to Computer Science. It would be my pleasure to recommend Ms,Aishwarya for the admission in your university which is considered to be one of the distinguished Universities in the United States. I would assure you her complete delegance and commitment in her association with your university.

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