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There are rising concerns about levels of physical activity participation among females in sport. There is a massive divide between male and female participation, due to a numerous amount of reasons why females want to opt out of sport or physical activity. Research has shown that boys are more likely to participate in physical activity compared to girls. (Coleman, et al, 2007). When young girls become teenagers the issues becomes more alarming causing many constraints to avoid participation. Time is one issue, as they have great demands on their free time with ‘sport interfering with their social activities’ (Slater, A, Tiggemann, M, 2010). Females also feel that they are not skilled enough compared to males. Mainly because of their anatomy and physiological make up of the female body, this results in females having a disadvantageous position in sport performance. Such as females have less O2 intake resulting in less haemoglobin and mitochondria in muscle cells to transport oxygen. Also males have more strength, speed, endurance, and aerobic capacity which all result in an impact on female’s confidence to compete in sport. Other issues such body image and self confidence all relate to females not wanting to participate because they feel embarrassed and think people are laughing at them. There are many other factors that also have caused females to not participate in sport such as poor team relationships as they don’t feel comfortable playing with certain people, school work, injury, lost interest in the activity as it has become boring and mainly because there are not enough sporting options for girls.
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