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I’m writing this letter to inform you of my application for the position of Prefect in school in sixth year.

of the position in my opinion, include to assist whoever in need, whether they’re troubled by problems in school or outside and need someone to talk to, wanting helps in deciding their future or simply just puzzled by their schoolwork and need guidance, a Prefect should always be on hand and prepared to help. Also, another key point of the position is to try to assist in making the running of the school as smooth as possible, whether it was to help keeping order in the corridor or setting examples to the younger pupils on how to study and behave, a Prefect should always be leading the way which I intend to do if I was to be chosen.

Although I only came to the this school this September in beginning of fifth year, this should by no means indicating my relative lack of ‘experience’, in fact, this only makes me hungry with desire to know everything there’s to know in the school, and do everything there’s to do. The fact that I used go to another school meant that as a Prefect, when I see something that can be improved in contrast to other schools, I could bring changes for the greater good, and when I see something good, I could encourage it to be better! 

By applying for the position of Prefects, I hope to acquire responsibilities of the level which I have never had, and so to constantly challenge myself to a higher level is what brings one true joy, which I’m sure you, would agree. 
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