Prefect Letter

Topics: Thomas Aquinas, Education, Prefect Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: April 23, 2013
I am writing to yourslef to express my enthusiasm for the position of a year 11 prefect. The role as prefect as i can see, is an (essential) part of representing the school which acts to help the schools community and becoming a model of the school’s junior pupils, but more over, I can see the role of prefect as a leading demonstration of the school to the outside world as prefects are thee best pupils in the school, therefore, a prefect has to be an all-round friendly person. Being an ell-round friendly prefect, would mean prefects would have to have great communication skills in which they wouldn’t loose their temper whilst discussing a certain matter and would be able to listen to what other prefects might want them to do. Being a good listener is vital because prefects need to listen to teachers who set them tasks, and they must always follow it. Prefects would have to listen to any concerns by pupils or teachers that are put forward when in the role as a prefect. Also, prefects need to be a good all-round representative. This would mean having emaculkate unform and have manners when addressing teacher, pupils and visiors. Being a prefect would mean always addressing in a graceful manner. I have represented the school many of times duing my five years that i have attended St. Thomas Aquinas. I have helped at Open Evenings where i have had to represent a subject. I remember reprsenting science and i had to show children the experiment that i was in charge of and i had to be friendly towards them and approach them with an informative manner. I was once in the school dance club that takes place after school on Fridays and i have been able to show pupils and counsillors in our school that we have an excellent dance group. One dance i was involved in was, Chicago which featured ex-teachers Miss Garner and Miss Barnet. With an input from all dancers, the show turned out to be a success. I ahve also been in the school choir which involved performing in masses,...
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