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Executive Summary

In China, since people with growing disposable income would like to consume more fashionable items, Beauty In Fashion Hair Accessories Company has developed as a leader in Chinese fashion industry. Nevertheless, BIF is facing stagnating in marketing field due to the problem of inefficient team management in its marketing department.

The SWOT Analysis reveals that the problem is caused by chaotic structure and vague responsibilities. SWOT also shows that even though there are threats that BIF may confront, the opportunities for improvement are definitely exist. This essay offers two solutions, including restructuring and clarifying roles and responsibilities, and recommends that BIF should adapt itself to changing circumstances.

1. Introduction

Beauty In Fashion Hair Accessories Company (BIF), founded in 1998, is a chain corporation in China. BIF has created a groundbreaking business model that customers with hair accessories brought from BIF can get their hair done at any chain store of BIF for free. In recent years, the marketing department of BIF has presented many dissatisfactory promotions and held two terrible annual new product promotion meetings. The company needs to introduce innovation to marketing department in order to expand the market and help the company develop.

Firstly, this essay generally describes the background of BIF and the problem of inefficient team management. Secondly, SWOT Analysis and Team Roles Theory are applied to analyse the problem in detail. Lastly, corresponding solutions and recommendations are offered and evaluated.

2. Background to problem

2.1 The problem of inefficient team management

In my internship experience in the marketing department of BIF, six managers, with the same level positions, are difficult to reach an agreement without any conflict or implement any mission successfully. Considered the marketing department as a team and the marketing director as team leader, this team has failed in many important projects, such as the annual new product promotion meetings.

2.2 The background of Beauty In Fashion Hair Accessories Company

Owning over 2000 franchisees, Beauty In Fashion Hair Accessories Company is the leader of Chinese hair accessories industry. (Beauty In Fashion Hair Accessories Company, 2012) The company has a functional structure and marketing department as one of its main department specializes in marketing promotion. The marketing department of BIF consists of a marketing director, a market research manager, a skincare promotion manager, a customer manager, a product promotion manager, a public relations media manager, a marketing creative manager and an assistant who is responsible to marketing director and all six managers.

2.3 The main reason for exploring the problem

The internship experience in the marketing department makes me wonder why a team consisting of so many intelligent employees cannot perform well. It seems that gathering all perfect people is not a guarantee for an efficient team. For BIF, management technique and attention are needed in team management.

3. Analysis of company problem

The problem of BIF is caused by complex elements. To deeply understand this problem, SWOT analysis is chosen in order to analyse the problem step by step.

3.1 Why choose SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a useful technique that helps companies uncover their strengths and weaknesses through analyzing internal and external conditions, then explore both the opportunities and the threats that companies confront.(Hill, Jones, 1998) What makes SWOT analysis become commonly-used is that companies manage to deeply understand their situation and to identify underlying opportunities and threats with a simple process. (MindTools, 2012)

In this case, SWOT Analysis is chosen because it is helpful to make the complicated problem clear and then easy to work out a solution. Following SWOT Analysis, the positive and the...
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