Topics: Writing, Communication, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Q. Explore some of the similarities and differences between spoken conversation and web-based communication such as messaging, Twitter and Facebook. You will need:
* Spoken Language Study booklet
* Handouts provided – BBC Bitesize, etc.
* Public/academic opinion – John Humphrys, David Crystal & articles on pages 15-19 of booklet * Own research - data collected – text messages, Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging (live chat forums). You can also use the example on p.11 of booklet & the Facebook extract (young mother-to-be) Essay should contain:

Introduction: - one paragraph
* This should cover the question i.e. the purpose of the essay. Essentially, you are exploring how spoken communication is similar to or different from (comparison) web-messaged communication (written). * You will compare spontaneous speech and formal written language and then show how web-based messaging blurs the boundaries between them; this will be explored fully via analysis of a range of web-based data and the techniques used to make it more like spoken communication. * You will also analyse and evaluate public attitudes to web-based messaging. Main body: this should contain a number of paragraphs, addressing the sub-topics * Explore similarities and differences between spoken communication and formal written communication. Wed-based communication is in written format but blurs the boundaries between speech and writing – examples. * In this essay, you will also consider how different factors influence the language used in web-based messaging and its closeness to spoken communication. Examples of this include: age, gender, hobbies/interests, social class, etc. This is basically summed up as context – i.e. the purpose of the message & relationship between the recipients. * Analyse a range of data –covering different contexts and formats (Facebook, Twitter, texts, live chat forums, etc.). Examine the data, using appropriate terminology (pp3-7...
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