Misouni Thesis

Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmacist Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Chapter I
A. Background of the study

As with many business scenario, monitoring of products, sales and stock were commonly done by using pen and papers such as recording, collecting, and sorting of data. At this point, human errors, missing documents and even error in computation are the unavoidable problems they experienced that cause of overdue transactions. Those problem are the purpose why many business provide software. The Botika Santana was first established and operated in the year 2009 by Mr. Daryll Santana. The drug store was located at Pineda, Pasig City. At present, their business in medicine and pharmaceutical is manipulated using the traditional system where transactions are performing manually. Then their objective is to provide good and safe products that will help the customers and patients who are in need and in sick. Operating daily transactions by means of manual works took them a lot of time and effort to total the billing in a day. Since the drug store operates daily and is near from Rizal Medical Hospital, customers who purchases medicine is on a large amount. The assistant pharmacist will provide a reciept that will be given to the customer after the product and the payment was given to them. As a copy for the store, they will provide a sheet of paper containing the list of products and the amount of the products that had been purchased. The cashier, will validate the items purchased and the total amount for a day, encountered problems such as loss of items, unbalanced of the items purchased, and the total income of the drug store, high risk of losing records which are purchased and the drug stores’ inventory of products. Unsupervised inflow-outflow products of the drug store. Unsystematized records of inventory activities that addens the job. Thus, making manual transaction might be a problem and bring dis advantages to the company. This kind of system produce a lot of paper work for side of their staff and does...
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