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1.0 Introduction

Nowadays, companies have invested time and money so as to grow with the fast changing times. One of the biggest and greatest contributions of Information Technology is computer. Business establishments have submitted themselves to the fact that the use of computers would ensure a fast, accurate and efficient system in the conduct of their daily transactions. This study intends to create a solution to the problem of Gallo Medical Clinic. The developers analyzed what are the problems and they came up with their objectives and solutions. This chapter explains what those problems are and what are the solutions to those problem. Furthermore, this chapter explains the significance and the scope and limitation of the system.

Information System (IS) is the study of production, flow and use of information within an organization. Information System makes extensive use of information technology to capture, transmit, store, manipulate, and display information. [ABRE2006]

1.1 Background of the study

In the current climate of increasing awareness, patients are demanding more knowledge about forthcoming check-ups/operations. The patient information accounts for a considerable part of the physician's daily clinical routine. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the information is understood by the patient after solely verbal explanation. To optimize information delivery, the developers came up with their computerized system.

The Gallo Medical Clinic was privately owned by Mr. Josephino Gallo. It was formed and organized March 1990’s located at Novaliches City. January 1998, another branches was built. It is located at Pasig and Taguig City together with Mr. Gallo’s wife- Mrs/Dra. Maria Enrique Gallo. Mr. Gallo primary mission was to feed and give free medical checkups in every barangay in their target places, together with helped of his Doctor friends until he plan and decided to create his own clinic. Gallo Medical Clinic in Taguig City...
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