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“Marketing communication is an ever changing field. New theories, new techniques, cultural changes and technological advances all combine to create a dynamic environment within which marketers try to ensure that their messages get through to their target audiences” (Blythe, 2006, p.2). Fill (2005) argues that marketing communications is the way in which organisations reach their target audiences or it is an “audience-centred activity” (Fill, 2005, p.9). This report aims to analyse the current marketing communication activities for one of the most recognised brands in the UK and the world, MINI Cooper. The first part includes some background information and after that the report follows the planning framework provided by Fill (2005) including: context analysis for the brand; objectives; communications strategy; communications mix; scheduling and implementation; resources; evaluation and control. The last part includes recommendations taking into consideration the current market situation and the global economic environment.

Table of contents:

Table of contents:2
1. Background3
2. MINI in context 4
2.1.1. Segment characteristics4
2.1.2. Levels of awareness, perception and attitudes towards MINI 4 2.1.3 Involvement 4
2.2. The business context 5
2.2.1 Corporate/marketing plans5
2.2.2 Brand analysis5
2.2.3 Competitors 5
2.3 The internal context6
2.3.1 Financial constrains6
2.3.2 Organisation identity, culture, values6
2.3.3 Marketing expertise 6
2.4 The external context 7
3. Objectives7
5. Marketing communication strategy 8
5.1 Pull strategy9
5.2 Push strategy9
5.3. Profile strategy10
6. Communication mix11
6.1 Advertising11
6.1.1 TV/Cinema11
6.1.2. Outdoor11
6.1.3. Website/on-line advertising 12
6.2 Direct marketing12
6.3 PR13
7. Scheduling 14
8. Resources 14
9. Evaluation 14
10. Recommendations 15
Appendix 221
Appendix 322
Appendix 423
Appendix 524
Appendix 626
Appendix 727

1. Background

Mini history of MINI…

Originally designed by Sir Alec Issigonis the 34bhp MINI 850 was launched in 1959 at a price of £496. In 1961 Sir Alec joint forces with John Cooper of the Cooper Car Company Ltd to design the sporty version of MINI, which won the Monte Carlo rally three times (Adams, 2008). “Originally seen as another small car, the versatility and charm of the MINI made it a favourite with the jet settlers of the 1960s and the MINI became a fashion/style statement and an icon” (Simms and Trott, 2006). MINI had its most glamorous moment when “acting” in The Italian Job movie in 1969, therefore enhancing its image as a celebrity car. The Classic MINI sold over 5.3 million units, making it the “No.1 Classic Car of all time” and the most popular British car (Mini Story ). Mini story in pictures is presented in Appendix 1. After some not very glamorous years, when MINI was a part of Rover Group, it was eventually acquired by BMW in 1994. At present, MINI is sold in over 70 countries around the world and has become the third largest motor manufacturer in the UK where MINI has won “Best Hot Hatch” or ”Best Small Car” awards (Mini Education ).

A part of a bigger family…

Considering the fact that MINI is a part of BMW Group it is inevitable to integrate the marketing communication analysis with that for the overall BMW Group, especially regarding the current economic environment, corporate strategy and objectives, resources etc.

2. MINI in context

As Fill (2005) argues the context analysis of the brand is the first and crucial step in the planning process. 2.1.1. Segment characteristics

"Our customer profile is matched with the young, individual trendsetter and thus, customisation and individuality are two elements our customers look for in a MINI.” Sukainah Osman, BMW Malaysia MINI manager (Business Times Malaysia, 3.12.2005). It can be assumed that the segmentation strategy of MINI is based mainly...
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