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The Young Change Agents
Every organizational structures and practice has the role of the change agent and it plays a significant part in organization. A case like ‘The Young Change Agents’ focuses on the change leader and the bottom of the ladder. Following by that in this case study James Shaw who joined AIESEC- world largest student-run international student exchange and development organization and his main responsibilities were recruiting, training, motivating, utilizing and retaining the organization’s members. Therefore as a self directed and self motivated person, Shaw kept himself engaged with the organization, and spent time on networking within the firm and making suggestions where he felt improvement were necessary. On the other hand, Amy Middelburg who works on three major areas, supporting the international partnership between PWC and AIESEC, supporting the UK Community investment office and an external partners the Prince of Wales business leader’s forum. Following that in this essay it describes the challenges that Shaw and his colleagues face to bring that change in PwC, elucidate the personal characteristics, attitudes and skills that needed to be successful and explain how effective Shaw and his colleagues were in this case. Finally, conclusion recommendations are made on some solutions and theories to achieved organizational success.

Challenges, Shaw and his colleagues face in trying to bring about change in PwC: The challenges that Shaw and his colleagues faced to bring change in PwC was the prevailing organizational wisdom are communicating a forceful ambition and are building union (Jick T.D and Peiperl M.A 2003, pg-365). Therefore, to make a difference in PwC and through it to the communities that it operated in, Middelburg appointed Shaw to work with her and Shaw and Middleburg joined forces to work on areas that might require improvement, especially the community affairs area. However, they were very disappointed as looking for a statement of vision and values for the organization. A first initiative was taken for change by writing a ten page paper titled ‘NewCo Values and NewCo’s Value’ which planned a highly improbable notion: post-merger, “PwC would measure its business success not only by its financial goals but also by its effects on the society and the global environment” (Jick T.D and Peiperl M.A 2003, pg-419), which applicable for both the company and their clients. The plan was designed for the firm that has to take on business ethics practice within the organization which is economically viable as well as socially responsible and environmentally sound. Moreover it also encouraged clients to apply the same values and PwC would volunteer to be held responsible for a worldwide group of stakeholders – their partners, staff, clients, suppliers and the communities in which they controlled. However, the outcomes of the proposition would include the enhancement of PWC long-term value, reduced risk of negative action by regulators, increased operational and financial effectiveness and sustainability. According to Jick T.D and Peiperl M.A (2003), sustainability which focuses on three lines economic, social and environmental and it called ‘Triple Bottom Line’. On the other hand, there were some impediments they faced getting concrete action, genuine interest shown by exec’s but no initiative regarding action, duo were short of specific proposals for action, organisational culture - PwC a ‘mature organisation’ – to initiate change exec’s must ‘let go’, passive resistance from executives, long history of company stability, the duo’s ideas were too radical to implement. They tried different strategy to make how it can be happed and Jermyn Brooks gave some solution like Networking through AIESEC, Brooks, their executive ‘sponsor’ within PwC, with a huge reputation and suggested a member of his staff to work with Middleburg and Shaw on...
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