Chilean Miners

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Chilean Miners
BCOM 275
April 13, 2012

Chilean Miners
In this paper I will be speaking about how we should speak to those effected, how we need to be considerate how we speak to them. Watch the tone that is used and the words that are said. What may be the needs of the families of the miners when receiving a message about the incident, As well as what may be the needs of the company’s employees when receiving a message about this incident. On august 5, 2010 a historic event that will never be forgotten by many, when a copper mine near the north part of the city of Copiapo, Chile, trapping Thirty three miners in a chamber around 2,300 feet under ground. The miners had to go through heat, starvation, and constant darkness, which being in this kind of horrifying situation it could scar anyone even the fearless person alive. The copper company now has a big job ahead of them as well as the community to explain how and what they will be doing to take care of this situation. The company’s first task should be to try and figure out where the copper miners are located and exactly what conditions they might be in. Next they will need to notify their families about the horrifying incident. Before speaking to the families and the community make sure that all the information is gathered so you know exactly what to tell the people. It’s important to know all the facts so when speaking to them you know what you are speaking about. When the company finally speaks to both the families and community their tone should be appropriate and show how effected and worried they are for their mines safety. They will need to reassure the families and the public that the company is doing as much as possible to bring all the miners home safe. It is very important to keep calm and confident when speaking to both parties’ so no one would get to frighten and are able to keep them calm in a situation like this. When the family’s and the community receives this message it...
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