Change Leadership - Tony Wagner

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Book Summary
July 31, 2012

Garnier, J., Helsing, D., Howell, A., Kegan, R., Lahey, L., Lemons, R. W., Rasmussen, H. & Wagner, T. (2006). Change leadership: A practical guide to transforming our schools. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Tony Wagner – codirector of the Change Leadership Group (CLG) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Tony was a classroom teacher for 12 years, a principal, project director for the Public Agenda Foundation, cofounder and executive director of Educators for Social Responsibility and president and CEO of the Institute for Responsive Education.

Robert Kegan – codirector of the Change Leadership Group, Meehan Professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and educational chair of Harvard’s Institute for Management and Leadership in Education.

Theme/Purpose of the book: This book is written as a guide to help leaders introduce change in a manner that will allow their organization to become high-performing.

Big ideas I want to remember:

* Leading a high-performing district is hard – it’s complicated, technical, personal and political * “Best practices don’t travel well…not without a culture of engaged adult learners and the commitments that they are able to make” p. xiii * “Reaction, compliance, and isolation drain momentum away from change.” p. 64 * Thinking systemically about the challenges and goals of change p.98 * Competency – skills and knowledge that influences student learning * Conditions – the external architecture surrounding student learning: the tangible arrangements of time, space and resources * Culture – shared values, beliefs, assumptions, expectations and behaviors related to students and learning * Context – the larger organizational systems within which we work and the world in general * There are 3 phases of a successful and sustainable change process p.133 * Preparing...
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