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Week Five Student Guide

In Week Five, you begin to understand the mindset of the consultant. How will you recognize potential barriers to a planned change? What can cause this resistance? As the consultant, you must understand the goals associated with a given change and develop the ability to identify, plan for, and manage potential barriers to the change. These barriers can manifest themselves in terms of people, processes, and technology, or a combination of these. Change initiatives are complex and initiated where people interact with individuals such as a new manager; with processes such as a new way of doing things; or with technology such as new information systems. When you encounter resistance, alternative strategies for implementing the change must be considered; however, you have no direct authority to implement the change and must succeed through your ability to navigate this complex environment. When and if you engage the executive management of your client to force the change, the change initiative is almost sure to fail; therefore, the key to successful change is sustainable adoption and acceptance.

Your readings this week include a number of chapters from Flawless Consulting. These readings explore the nature of resistance to change and the alternative plans for implementing change. These two areas overlap and are important to creating effective change management planning.

Aspects of Organizational Change

OBJECTIVE: Identify potential barriers to change.

Resources: Ch. 10 of Leadership in Organizations, Ch. 11 of A Primer on Organizational Behavior, and Ch. 8 of Flawless Consulting


• Ch. 10: Leading Change in Organizations of Leadership in Organizations

o Change Processes in Organizations

• Different Reasons for Accepting Change
• Resistance to Change
• Stages in the Change Process
• Stages in Reaction to Change
• Prior Experience and Reactions to Change
• Different Types of Organizational Change

o Applications: Guidelines for Leading Change
o Applications: Guidelines for Increasing Learning and Innovation o Summary

• Ch. 11: Organization Development and Change of A Primer on Organizational Behavior

o Organization Development

• The Nature of Organization Development

o Managing Organization Change

• Ch. 8: Understanding Resistance of Flawless Consulting

o The Faces of Resistance

• Give Me More Detail
• Flood You with Detail
• Time
• Impracticality
• I’m Not Surprised
• Attack
• Confusion
• Silence
• Intellectualizing
• Moralizing
• Compliance
• Methodology
• Flight into Health
• Pressing for Solutions

o What Are Clients Resisting When They Are Resisting Us? o Underlying Concerns

• Control
• Vulnerability

o Sometimes It Is Not Resistance
o The Fear and the Wish

• Being Dependent, Asking for Help
• Wanting Confirmation, Not Change

o Ogres and Angels
o …and Heroics

OBJECTIVE: Propose alternative strategies for implementing change.

Resources: Ch. 11 of A Primer on Organizational Behavior and Ch. 9, 12, 15, & 16 of Flawless Consulting


• Ch. 11: Organization Development and Change of A Primer on Organizational Behavior

o Organization Development

• Intervention Strategies and Change

o Managing Organization Change

• Changemakers
• Approaches to Organizational Change
• Enabling Large-Scale Organization Change
• Organizational Downsizing, Retrenchment, and Resizing

• Ch. 9: Dealing with Resistance of Flawless Consulting

o Three Steps

• Step 1. Picking Up the Cues
• Step 2. Naming the Resistance
• Step 3. Being Quiet, Letting the Client Respond

o Don’t Take It Personally
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