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Credible Information Debate


September 6, 2012
Meredith Willenbring

Credible Information Debate

Wikipedia is one of the most sought out information website. Jimmy Wales, founder says this about his website, “Wikipedia is something special…, it is a place we can all go to think, to learn and share our knowledge with others” (Wikipedia, 2012, p1). This resourceful tool has up-to-date news, press releases, and it provides its users with the convenience to various languages. In this paper team C will debate on supporting arguments for Wikipedia and opposing arguments if it is credible and a valid source of information. Supporting Arguments

Wikipedia is a virtual library that offers its readers a diverse range of information from articles, books, dictionary, references, thesaurus, timelines, and current events. The website’s trade mark, the puzzled globe symbolize working together with a network in many countries to empower the global community. Wikipedia’s main purpose for existence is to collect information and make it available to the world at large. One can conclude that with the vast array of knowledge, Wikipedia offers its users a vast amount of information that will suffice any research. Opposing arguments

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia; providing facts, advice, and opinions from one or more contributors. Although it provides users with a vast amount of information there is often no citation for the facts, which does not allow the reader to confirm the credibility of the record. The mere fact that anyone can manipulate the content submitted allows some readers to challenge the website information as biased or fabricated. Credentials are an important aspect of research; providing information only on topics in which they publish on their website. Resolution

In conclusion Team C views Wikipedia in different aspects, which analyze both sides of the argument. Wikipedia is a resourceful informational site but use it with...
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