Chilean Miners

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When communicating with an audience it is very important to know what type of audience you will be delivering a message to.Communicate quickly and accurately.Gather the facts - who, what, where, when, why, how, what next. If necessary, contact the crisis management team. Act quickly by distributing the information that will determine what the media and families should have. Notify the families of those involved. The circumstances will vary with the nature of the crisis. The problem should always be handled with the utmost kindness, sensitivity and discretion. And bad news should always be delivered face to face. Members of the crisis communication team should be assigned this task. The company should inform the immediate family before releasing the names of the injured miners to the media. The company should analyze the situation to judge its newsworthiness. The company should give the media as much information as possible so they want get the information twisted. The media will get the information (perhaps inaccurately) from other sources, if you don’t tell them quickly and accurately. The media have an obligation to provide reliable information to their audiences.You must also consider how much information you going to provide without frighten the individuals that need to be notified. For example, on August the 5th 2010, when the Chilean Mines collapse, someone had to let their families and the media know what was going on. The company had to provide information that will keep the family and co- workers from panicking. There will be many questions ask. For instance, what time did the problem start? What was he doing when the problem started? Are the men alive or hurt? How long can they be without survival supplies? How will you go about trying to rescue them? Will the family receive updates and what can the family do to help in this situation? The other employees of the company may have questions on how did it happen, are they alive and how this would this...
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