Military: Leadership and Discipline

Topics: Leadership, Military, Soldier Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Discipline Leadership Responsibilities and Duties Importance to the Military

Discipline: Training that corrects, molds or perfects the mental facilities or moral character; the discipline to a superior authority. [Defined by Webster]. Discipline to me means that you are capable of accepting the norms. You respect the commands given from a higher authority or the leader in charge. Training your mind to think in a routine way of life, being able to accept the responsibilities of what you do and/or don’t do. In the world of the military discipline is a major factor. It defines your future and what you do or how your career will turn out. Max Anders says, "Only the disciplined ever get really good at anything." Everything in life requires some sort of discipline. Whether it is hitting a baseball, climbing a mountain, playing a musical instrument, making good grades or brushing your teeth it all comes down to a matter of discipline. The core of a superior soldier is said to be moral disciple. (Morals are principles and beliefs concerning rights and wrongs of behavior). Discipline tends to be important because it is the basis of todays and yesterday’s soldiers. In the Army discipline comes in many forms and fashions: PRT, drill and ceremony, basic commands given, routine life, training the body, etc. Discipline is something you need to have to live a military life and be successful. Leadership: the position or function of a leader; a person who guides or directs a group; the ability to lead. [Defined by Webster]. A leader in the military life is usually the most “squared-away” soldier. One that had the discipline to know and correct another when one needs help or is the wrong. I feel that when it comes to the military one who is a soldier has to have discipline. You can not be a leader and not have the discipline to lead a group/platoon to success. Leadership means you have the discipline to maintain yourself as well as the rest following you. Being...
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