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Extended Definition Essay
Mrs. Floyd
English III
Leadership is taking initiative and following the path less traveled. “A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.” —Rosalynn Carter (GoodReads.com). Leadership defines greatness simply by definition. Leadership: 1. the position or function of a leader, 2. a person who guides or directs, 3. the ability to lead (dictionary.com). One hundred people could be asked to give their definition of leadership and most likely one hundred different answers will be received. Leadership is more than just a definition in a dictionary or words on a page; leadership is action.

Many people want to know what defines a great leader; however, the traits of a leader are almost always the same. The three most important traits of an exceptional leader are motive, passion, and spontaneity. Motive is purpose. Motive is why people do what they do, say what they say, and see what they see. Motive is one of the most important traits a leader can possess. The motive has to be something that people will rally behind and find passion in. Passion is the strongest emotion the leader has toward his motive. It’s the fire they project. Passion is what brings the tears, the laughs, and even the anger. Finally, spontaneity is that cleverness that seems to radiate from all our great leaders. Spontaneity is that freedom or impulsiveness that gives any person their specific personality.

One of the other debated topics about leadership is how to lead. Leading is a delicate balance of discipline and serving the ones being led. Leadership is not all commanding, but almost falls into a state of servitude to the followers. All good leaders had to learn to serve before they could begin to understand what it means to be a leader of the people. Some people say that leaders are born; some say leaders are...
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