Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Case Study

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  • Published : September 19, 2012
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Midsouth Chamber Of Commerce Case Study

Mgmt of Technology Resources
Rene Trevino

MSCC or otherwise known as the Midsouth Chamber Of Commerce has existed since the 1900’s. This organization has withstood many changes, and it started originally as a Lobbing body for Transportation access issues. Then it grew in the 1930s to encompass issues that affect business such as: state banking laws, industrial development, and business taxes. The last era was when Jack Wallingford was in control.

As most business they knew that proper investment in the Information systems and Information Technology is the best way to go but they dropped the ball when it came to proper investing, they either didn’t realize or ignored the problems from the start, and there was almost no resolution and never addressed them the right way and never changed their management to comply with the changes. The correct solution is to always employ someone to specific lead the IS business function. Which was done when Lassiter purchased workstations and custom software that had limited functionality.

To do this right it is hard for anyone to do by themselves, either way with this minimal functionality and short-term approach for investing in technology the time quickly came where they outgrew the IS. The first time that MSCC tried to make a move to get someone who knew what they were doing in the IS field. They hired Simon Lovecki. His first order of business was to start upgrading all workstation and the maintaining software which was all high level function. As 2005 approached you could start to see promise and some growth, and then it all got kicked in the teeth. Lassiter purchased UNITRAK, and the rushed it in. I see this as a major breakdown for the organization because there was no research and haste always makes waste

The primary issues right now is that they purchased information systems without having the need for specialized IT personnel. Also it seems that every...
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