It 205 Week 1 Check Point

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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To my knowledge the three dimensions to business problems will be organizational, people, and technology. The people dimension contains a shortage of worker being trained, lack of worker support, the environment for the work place, and poor management. The issue or problems with the worker I believe will be weak recruitment, poor performance evaluation, problem with obey by the rules, and finally worker support and motivation. The organization problem consist of inadequate business that each should be inherited from the past. The technology component could be described to me as hardware that could be insufficient, inadequate, database capacity, out dated software, and rapid technological that could or were change. Some technology problems are all the things I listed above, and some problems come about when trying to merge old and knew systems. The difference between the information technology and information systems are IT is a hardware I believe that can install things to or even into my computer. IS is a software meaning programs I believe such as Microsoft, excel, river point writer, and power point. IT to me also is a study or storage processing, retrieval, and electronic transmission. IT I believe could be a very broad term for all computers today. IS is all the components that offer an organization or a company the capability to rise the efficiency of a group or a task, and process data. The module or components could be software, people, and maybe hardware or it peripherals that have made up the information systems.
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