It/205 Wk 1 Info System Business Problem Dimensions Check Point

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  • Published : September 17, 2011
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There are three dimension problems a business may have. All three problems are signficantly major and if a business does not address the issues of these dimensions, the business may result in failure. The three dimension are listed below: 1.People dimension: This dimension occurs when labor employess are not properly trainned or improperly trainned. This problem can also occurred if management is not trained or improperly trained. When employees are not motivated of if employees feel unappreciated can result in poor work habits. 2.Technology dimension: This dimension occurs when a company has outdated operating systems and software. This problem can also occurs when the company networks system storage or memory capacity is not large enough to substain the volume of information input. When a company refuses to update computer networks with the current computer culture. Example: The current year in 2011. A company may have purchased a computer a number of years. At the time of purchase Win 95 was the current operating system available. In 2011 the computer now may still work effectively, however; the company will not be able to obtain technical support from Microsoft. Another fact which is also important the vendors and customers may now have Win Vista and Win 7. By not upgrading to Vista or Win 7 the company may not be able to see certain files vendors or customers may send to the company.

3.Organization dimension: This problem occurs when a business may have inner-office political problems. Many departments may have a problem within itself but the problems from all departments my stem from the same problem. If the problem at the root is resolve, then there is the possibility that the company will fail.

Information Technology (IT) is the foundation process of building an information system. IT information provides the design and management of a company networking along with maintain storage. IT information is the operating system...
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