Midnight in Sicily

Topics: Academia, Homework, Management Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 7, 2013
As a mathematics and chemistry double major, one could say that I enjoy studying the concrete aspects of life: numbers, integrals, functions, reactions, etc. Throughout my freshman year I found myself blossoming in both fields, most especially in calculus, as I was always helping my classmates with homework. It was during my fall term of freshman year at Union College that I was first introduced to the AOP program, more specifically the AOP Class of 2014. From the beginning, I grew especially close to my roommate, a member of the AOP program, and could see the strength of this family that she was a part of. Though I was not a member, I attended AOP tutoring for math, physics, chemistry, english- you name it. In the math room, I would find myself grasping concepts well and helping other classmates with WebWork and homework assignments. The AOP program has grown close to my heart and the connections and friendships I have formed because of it will remain well past my undergraduate career.

As an AOP summer tutor and/or tutor counselor I wish to gain experience with teaching since I am strongly considering a career in education. I have much to offer if hired for this position. I am a highly motivated student with strong time management skills. I have never missed a class and/or an assignment in any class at Union. I look forward to helping the incoming AOP students with academics as well as time management skills and acclimation to the college atmosphere. Adapting to the college lifestyle can be challenging, as I have determined from personal experience, and I would enjoy helping students navigate this excitingly demanding time.

Being a Union College gatekeeper has also enhanced my public speaking skills. As a very personable and outgoing person, I am largely a team player and enjoy working with others. I believe that working with others is the most effective way to learn. I value the one-on-one collaborations as well as group efforts to solve a problem....
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