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Raquel Damti March 18, 2012 Video Production Professor Cheatum

AOKP Documentary From the beginning of time, humans have had a need to communicate with one another. Despite the changing forms of communication due to technological development, this desire to connect remains strong if not more pertinent than ever. In the increasingly global society that we now live in, the need for instantaneous understanding and interpersonal connections has made mediums such as film incredibly effective. Thus, we chose to relay our newfound knowledge of a nation-wide club that resides upon our campus through a documentary.

We made our documentary on AOKP or the Artorian Order of the Knights of Pendragon; it is a fantasy Live-Action Role-Playing Game (LARP). We came up with the idea of doing AOKP because it is an organization on campus that we knew little about and found to be incredibly interesting. Filming our documentary was a learning experience as it gave us a platform for a wealth of knowledge from a variety of perspectives.

So, what exactly is AOKP? AOKP is originally a student and alumni club based on the Whittier College campus and more than merely a game or club, AOKP is a family. As they note on their website, “We are a community of friendly, creative and fun people

that enjoy activities together both as our characters and our regular selves..” AOKP is always looking to welcome new students into their midst.

The inception of the preproduction started when Jessica told me that we could interview some of the people from AOKP. I was a little hesitant because I did not think that we were going to get much valuable information about the club. There were interpersonal issues because I assumed that most of the members would deny us due to past experiences were they had problems with the filmmakers not respecting AOKP’s privacy. However, Jessica knew some of the people on AOKP from past experiences, prior classes, and so that gave our group a little lead way into...
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