Microbiology: Bacteria and Fresh Yogurt Slide

Topics: Bacteria, Eye, Lens Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Bacterial Morphology
Demonica Britt
Microbiology DL1
March 23, 2013

This lab was performed to identify and familiarize with a microscope while precisely observing various bacterial shapes and their arrangements in different types of specimens of bacteria. The microscope parts and capabilities were clearly identified and used successfully and the bacteria were clearly illustrated showing the bacterial shapes and arrangements with all the appropriate magnification being utilized. Through various magnifications using 10x, 40x and 100x oil immersion lenses, the bacteria specimens, along with fresh and prepared yogurt, demonstrated full visual optical views of their shapes and how the different types were displayed at different levels of magnification. Purpose

The purpose of the experiment was to gain full knowledge and experience of operating a microscope while being able to successfully visualize different types of bacterial and yogurt specimen’s shapes and arrangements using several magnification techniques by way of 10x, 40x,100x oil immersion lenses and a light source. The main purpose was to observe the shapes and arrangements of microbial bacteria and yogurt. Procedure

The lab involved self-provided and labpaq materials to perform several exercises to obtain the purpose of the lab. The lab began with the proper identification of all components of the microscope and their functions. This allowed for preparation of the objective of being able to view specimens at various magnification levels and recognizing their different shapes and how they are arranged contingent upon those identified within the lab itself and the microbiology textbook. Several different slides were observed under 10x and 40x lens magnification: Paramecium conjugation, Yeast, Amoeba Proteus, Ascaris eggs, Anabaena, and Penicillium. This allowed vivid illustrations of the specimens notating their shapes and how they are arranged. The bacteria were observed through the...
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