Mgt 350 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Decisions in Paradise, Part Two
September 20, 2010

Decisions in Paradise, Part Two
As we spoke of in Decisions in Paradise, Part One, Kava is prone to many natural disaster with the most recent being a typhoon, which yielded the communications system ineffective. Kava has asked that Worldwide Communications help them get their communications system up and running which will help with the recovery efforts and economic restructuring of the country. To help with this request, Worldwide Communications had Nik and Alex take an assessment of the situation, at which time they discovered that the communications system that was in place was severally damaged but was behind in much needed updates. Updating the system will give the system the ability to use cutting edge technologies in communications and Kava will be able to restore economic structure in the devastated country. Nik and Alex understood that Kava needed the ability to communicate with the rest of the world to receive critical support in their recovery efforts. Problem formulation and identification

As Nik and Alex evaluate the plan, they discovered numerous problems, which already existed and identified possible problems with construct in the future. The recent typhoon exposed that the impaired communications system greatly needed to work to provide pressing communication and to coordinate rescue efforts within the island. Plus communication with the surrounding countries to request supplies and other services need by the devastated country. While assessing the damage, Nik and Alex discovered that several of the structures on the island were in bad condition, which was mainly caused by the recent typhoon. They noted that the new communications systems must have the ability to deal with these natural disasters in the future, which may occur during the construction phase of the project. In addition to the environmental challenges Nik and Alex face,...
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