Topics: Critical thinking, Kill, Evidence Pages: 5 (1295 words) Published: April 14, 2013
1. Identify the main issues in this article.

One of the main issues in this article is that whether Pistorius will be charged with premeditated murder. Another issue is that the reliability level of the witnesses and existing evidences. Next issue is the reputation and career of Pistorius during and after the case. Last but not least, the impact of Pistorius getting a bail during these charges. (words count 59)

2. Define the term "premeditated murder" and discuss why Pistorius' lawyer will challenge the prosecution's charges of "premeditated murder".

Premeditated murder is known as an act of killing committed by a criminal or suspect who has planned the murder ahead ("What is premeditated", n.d.). It will include how the criminal or suspect intend to kill the victim as well as the plan that he or she can use to escape arrest.

One of the reasons that Pistorius' lawyer will challenge the charges of premeditated murder is that there was no intention for Pistorius to kill his girlfriend, Steenkamp. Moreover, Steenkamp had bought a Valentine's present for him which might prove a close relationship between the couple (Perry, 2013). The other reason is that after realizing that Pistorius had shot Steenkamp, he tried to help her while she was breathing and carried her down to the stairs (Smith, 2013). If Pistorius intended to kill her, he would think of escaping or erasing evidences instead of helping his wounded girlfriend. (words count 141)

3. Based on this article, identify the possible reasons or evidences that may prove that Pistorius is guilty.

The most possible evidence was that a witness living in the same complex heard fierce argument from the couple. This might potentially lead Pistorius in killing Steenkamp due to anger. In addition to this, another witness claimed to hear a female screamed which was followed by a series of gun shots. This could possibly prove that Pistorius knew it was a female who was inside the toilet that he shot.

The other possible reason is that Pistorius might have found out that Steenkamp's meeting with her ex-boyfriend, Warren Lahoud, two days before she was killed (Rossington, 2013). Therefore, Pistorius might have killed Steenkamp due to jealousy. Lastly, Pistorius called his family member instead of police or related authorities. He might be potentially trying to ask for help from his family member to cover his action (Smith, 2013). (words count 133)

4. Based on this article, identify the possible reasons or evidences that may prove that Pistorius is not guilty.

One of the possible reasons is that the high level of violent crime in South Africa. This might have led Pistorius mistaking the noises came from the toilet to be an intruder. Hence, due to horror and fear, he was forced to shoot at the toilet where the intruder was in (England, 2013).

The next possible evidence is that the reliability of witnesses. In the article, Pistorius' lawyer claimed that one witness was in a far distance, 300 meters, from the house and another witness had misheard the gunshots' number. With the doubtful witnesses, Pistorius might not be found guilty. Lastly, the close relationship between Pistorius and Steenkamp (Avaline, 2013). This might prove that Pistorius had no intention in killing Steenkamp. (words count 117)

5. What other factors may affect the arguments provided by the lawyers?

One of the factors that may affect the arguments is the illegal possession of guns and ammunition (Pretoria, 2013). It might offer a strong advantage to the prosecution side that Pistorius had planned the murder in advanced.

The next factor is the capability of the under cross-examination investigation officer, Hilton Botha which lead to the reliability of evidences provided. In the article, it was revealed that Botha did not wear protective clothing during the investigation. Moreover, he did not managed to find the bullet which was discovered by the defense's forensic team.

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