Nature of Thought Paper

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Nature of Thought Paper
Teresa Saxon
October 24, 2012
Stephanie Webb

Nature of Thought Paper
In the following paper one will read about the thinking process one may have. How one uses their sensing process and their perception. How the memory affects the way we live or do things in our lives. Also we will read of some different types of perceptual blocks and personal barriers.

The nature of one’s thoughts plays a key role in our everyday lives. There are many factors that affect how one processes thought. Thinking, sensing, memory, perceptions, personal barriers, and thoughts are major contributors to our nature of thought process. What are the qualities of one’s thoughts? Are they bad and good, negative or positive, tempered or relaxed? This paper tells my nature of thought and how the thought process influences my views.

Generally most people do not even consider what a thought process is or consist of. This paper will explain the sensing process, define memory, and describe the medium. There are certain perceptual blocks, personal barriers, and thoughts that might hinder ones thought process. Kirby and Goodpaster introduced this statement, “There is nothing in the mind unless it is first in the Senses.” This is saying that our brains would be empty if we did not have sense. If this statement is correct as they have stated it to be, “then sensing is the main source of information for ones thinking: If we sense better, we can think better” (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007)

The sensing process goes hand in hand with the thinking process, ones brain has to use the senses to evaluate what all is going on. As humans we are sensual beings, when we see or hear things it effects the way we think. We may either become more excited about something or frightened and in some cases a little of...
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