Mgt/230 Week 1

Topics: Decision making, Cognition, Decision making software Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Decision-Making Process Paper
September 13, 2012
Gale Luquette

Decision-Making Process Paper
One of the most important decisions of my life was choosing to go back to school. I was 30 years old, raising two kids at the time, and the last thing in the world I wanted to do was go back to school. I had previously attended cosmetology school and received a degree in its study. I had been working as a stylist for 5 years but it just was not enough. I needed to support my family and live comfortably and working under someone else’s authority could not fulfill my goals and dreams. One dream of mine is to one day own my own salon and become a successful business owner. I knew that a cosmetology degree could not teach me the skills needed to run a business and be successful. This is when I began thinking that I should go back to school for a business management degree. There was only one thing on my mind at this time, my age, I wondered if I could handle college at this point in my life. I began browsing through a few colleges trying to decide the best one to suit my situation. I felt as though I needed a game plan or should I say a guideline as to what steps I needed to take to accomplish the goals I had in mind. First, I browsed schools and realized that the University of Phoenix catered to parents and working people. This was the break I had been looking for. Second, I had to make the decision of being an online student or a campus student. Online would not have worked for me caused I could easily be distracted at times with family life. I decided it would be best if I was in a setting away from home. Third, I had to decide the career path or study I was going to follow. Of course, I chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Finance. Last but not least I had to choose a method of payment and establish a way to pay for this college tuition. This were all steps in the decision-making process in...
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