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  • Published : June 30, 2012
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Meeting Culture of Abmart Inc.

Organization Description

Abmart Inc. was started in 2007 by experienced life science entrepreneurs returned from overseas. With 220 employees, Abmart is one of the largest and fastest growing biotechnology companies in China with a 30,000 square feet facility consisting of production and animal facilities in Shanghai. Abmart’s goal is to enable every protein to have a standard set of monoclonal antibodies optimal for all possible applications. With SEAL™ technology, developed in 2011 and a scalable monoclonal antibody development process, Abmart will deliver even lower cost and faster discovery time for monoclonal antibodies to more than 1000 customers worldwide.

Meeting Style

There are basically three different styles of Abmart’s meetings: ‘information share,’ ‘creative discussion,’ and ‘consensus decision.’ The first two are the dominant forms. An ‘information share’ style of meeting consists of information flowing in one direction only, either ‘up’ to leadership from employees, or ‘down’ from senior management to employees. Requests for clarification can be entertained during this type of meeting, but there’s no real debate or discussion. In Abmart, every weekday afternoon, there will be a different department having its weekly information share meeting. For example, Monday, Sales Department will have their internal meeting. Each sales man needs to give report to the manager of department. Tuesday, Customer Service Department will discuss their last week’s task and assignments of this week. As the same, Wednesday will be Operation Department’s time. And then, Production Department, Research and Development Department are on Thursday and Friday. At the end of every month, every department will directly report to Abmart’s CEO and COO. Every two months, there will be a general meeting of all the staffs to announce the information of company’s operational performance. ‘Creative discussion’ meetings revolve around the process of brainstorming, and getting ideas out on the table without making any decisions about the feasibility or validity of what’s produced. During this style of meeting, critical employees understand that at a later date, key stakeholders will make decisions using the information collected. Abmart has its tradition of Creative discussion meetings. Every Saturday morning managers of every department will come back to the office to attend the Creative discussion meeting with their CEO and COO. The meeting will normally last for half a day, sometimes it needs to go on in the afternoon. Each meeting may have a primary topic about the company development, but participants are encouraged to speak freely on any other related issues. The common method used in the creative meeting is brainstorming. When decisions need to be made, ‘consensus decision’ style meetings should be held. But in Abmart consensus decision meeting only allow several people to attend, including the CEO, COO, managers of key department and someone chosen by the CEO himself. This kind of meeting in most situations is held in strict confidence.

* Meeting Structure

Information share meetings
Weekly Monthly


Creative discussion meetings

* Meeting Outcomes

Information share meetings:Let every participant know the stage of their department’ work process. Let CEO/COO know how a department performs recently. Let the leaders see the potential problems turned up in the work process. Let staffs understand their next assignments. Creative discussion meetings: Because every meeting has different issues, there is no particular outcome for the creative discussion meetings. By contrast, brainstorming provides a freewheeling environment in which everyone is encouraged to participate. Quirky ideas are welcomed, and many of the issues of group problem solving are overcome. All participants are asked to contribute...
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