Organizational Culture

Topics: Culture, Organizational studies and human resource management, Management Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: October 20, 2012
What is organizational culture?
* Organizational culture- The system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within an organization and guides the behavior of its members * External adaptation- Involves reaching goals and dealing with outsiders regarding tasks to be accomplished; methods used to achieve the goals; methods of coping with success and failure. * Important aspects of external adaptation

* Separating eternal forces based on importance
* Developing ways to measure accomplishments
* Creating explanations for not meeting goals
External adaptation involves answering important goal-related questions regarding coping with reality * What is the real mission?
* How do we contribute?
* What are our goals?
* How do we reach our goals?
* What external forces are important?
* How do we measure results?
* What do we do if specific targets are not met?
* How do we tell others how good we are?
* When do we quit?
* Internal integration- Deals with the creation of a collective identity and with finding ways of matching methods of working and living together * Important aspects of working together
* Deciding who is a member and who is not
* Developing an informal understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behavior * Separating friends from enemies
Internal integration involves answering important questions associated with living together * What is our unique identity?
* How do we view the world?
* Who is a member?
* How do we allocate power, status, and authority?
* How do we communicate?
* What is the basis for friendship?
* Subculture- A group of individuals with a unique pattern of values and philosophy that are not inconsistent with the organization’s dominant values and philosophy * Counterculture- A groups where the pattern of values and philosophies outwardly reject those of...
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