The Normative Re-Educative Strategy

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Organizational Development& Change
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Change strategy
A change strategy is meant to achieve goals in order to achieve the goals, objectives. mission and vision of an organization. Chris Argyris noted, a healthy organization performs three core activities over time: * Achieves its goals.

* Maintains itself internally.
* Adapts to its environment.

Chin and Benne describe three types of strategies for change:- * The first type is empirical rational strategies, based on the assumptions that people are rational, will follow their rational self-interest, and will change if and when they come to realize change is advantageous to them. * The second group of strategies is normative-re-educative strategies, based on the assumptions that norms form the basis for behavior, and change comes through re-education in which old norms are discarded and supplanted by new ones. * The third set of strategies is the power-coercive strategies, based on the assumption that change is compliance of those who have less power with the desires of those who have are power. Normative re-educative strategy

The normative re-educative strategy is a change strategy developed by Benne and Chin in 1976. The normative re-educative strategy states that change in an organization will only occur once change occurs in the values, attitudes, skills and relationships of the employees or the followers. In order to accomplish this each entity or individual involved in the change process must participate in the working-out of the plans of change. Honesty and mutual collaboration are the hallmarks of this strategy. This process of change is delayed whenever a conflict arises. The normative re-educative approach will be used to bridge the theory/practice gap and promote self-awareness during this phase (education programmes for midwives). This approach reflects teamwork and anyone who attempts it alone will be...
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