Badly Written Policy Revised

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Accounting 747 Communications and Accounting Queens College - CUNY Badly Written Policy (Revised)
It is recognized that this organization is plagued with breakdowns in communication such as misdirected orders, offending letters, and poorly written statements. In this regard, a new policy is hereby issued. All employees who are directly involved with communication are enjoined to comply to this policy as stated hereunder. It is imperative to remember that good thinking is good communication. I. The free flow of communication is encouraged by the executives who will be constantly surveying the channels of communication available in their units. These channels will be used to properly select media to the best possible extent.

II. Meetings will be held in accordance with the needs of the department and its employees. At these meetings, all executives will have routine discussions with their employees on ways to promote better communication.

III. All letters are expected to be written with a "you" approach. Assume that you are the reader of these letters and write accordingly. Always outline your letters in advance. Keep in mind that company publications should be designed to capture and hold the interest of everyone.

This policy will affect employees at all levels. We believe all officers and managers should accept responsibility for the impetus of communications, regardless of their level. Communication should flow freely from branches to headquarters and vice versa. A spirit of plain talk and good semantics should prevail. After all, good communication is effective management. This policy will become effective immediately.

The memoranda of the president will be available for anyone who wants to see an example of good prose style. The door to the president’s office is open at all times.
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