Letter of Transmittal

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  • Published : July 17, 2011
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A letter of transmittal introduces a document such as a project to the reader. It is less formal than the project and gives the writer the chance to:

1. Remind the reader of highlights of interest
2. Present sensitive or confidential information related to, but not part of, the project

It accompanies the project but it is separate from the document; it is either put on top of the project (not binded or attached to the project) or it is put right after the title page and before the table of contents. A letter of transmittal typically includes the following:

1. Name and address of recipient of project in the inside address 2. Information about what is being sent
3. Follow-up action expected of the reader
4. Offer of continued communication or clarification

Format: The format for the Letter of Transmittal is as follows:

• Use a business letter format
• If using a letterhead do not include a return address • If not using a letterhead then return address is required • Current Date
• Name of Recipient, Title, Company and Address
• Body of letter:

For the body of the letter use the following questions as a guideline to complete the paragraphs:

1st paragraph:
• Why was the project written?
• When was it assigned?
• What is its title and additional identifying information? 2nd paragraph:
• What is the scope of the project?
• Its purpose? Limitations?
• What are your conclusions? Recommendations?

Note: The letter of transmittal is the appropriate place to discuss matters of concern that need to be raised but not circulated with the project.

3rd paragraph:
• What action or input is requested?

• Complimentary Close
• Signature
• Writers Name & Title (if applicable)
• Enclosure (if applicable)...
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