Meditech Case Study

Topics: Management, Inventory, Supply chain management Pages: 4 (402 words) Published: September 25, 2011

Case Study: Meditech Surgical

Agenda g
Market d Company overview M k t and C i Problem analysis Main issues Suggested solutions Q&A


Market overview
Invasive surgical trends I i i lt d Market created in early 80’s, rapidly growing and promising Old instruments gradually updated and replaced with introduction of new endoscopic ones ones.


Company overview p y
Major key l M j / k player i endoscopic surgical i t in d i i l instrument t market and used to achieve phenomenon success in the short time Competition centered on product innovations, customer services and cost Sales strategies: push to surgeons, material managers and hospitals Vertical and functional organisation Distribution channel: domestic dealers and the int’l affiliates


Problem analysis y


Internal Operation

Production planning



Distribution network

Downstream supply chain


Internal Operation p

Upstream supply chain


Production planning p g

Weekly schedule


Production planning p g

Daily packaging schedule




Main issues
1. 1

Poor service for supplying new products after introduction:
Production capacity is insufficient to the order flooding -> panic ordering Delivery service is poor, which is fatal to heath care industry Inventory level is high and inefficiency.

2. Inaccuracy forecast, unable to predict the demand and y , p

poor performance of information management system
Data is not tracked Demand information is not kept Slow process to transfer data in hard copy into computer

3. Operation problems
1st class sales force but unmatched level in other department Poor planning activities Organisation structure


Problem analysis y


Poor service level for supplying new products

Internal Operation

Manual processing Long l d lead-time

Production planning

Inaccurate forecast, unable to...
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