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TOWS MATRIX| Strenght 1. Global market leader 2. Customer monopoly 3. Strong seller platform 4. Focus in research and development| Weakness 1. Low profit margins 2. Succesion instability 3. Shipping scam and issue 4. Data centre cost| Opportunities 1. International expenssion 2. E-book expenssion 3. Online payment system 4. Internat sales| SO Stratergies 1. Product development 2. Expend market influence 3. Focus on product| WO Stratergies 1. Reduce expendeture 2. Improve current marketing stratergy 3. CRM| Threats 1. Online security 2. Technology cost and services 3. International competition on rise 4. E-commerce tax| ST Stratergies 1. Interactive web portal 2. New product development 3. Partnership with other sales network| WT Stratergies 1. Stay ahead on rivals 2. Combat with competitors 3. Competitive price|

Q6) Five (5) key success factors :
1. Offering competitive price
2. Straight forward web design and friendly interface
3. Convenient payment system
4. Making continuous innovation
5. Increase internet usage globally and enviromentally awareness.

From 5(b)| Stratergic initiatives|
SO Stratergies 1. Product development | 1. Selling trendy product 2. Diversity of product or brand| 2. Expend market influence| 1. Franchice / joint venture to South Asia such as China 2. Sponsership to collage or university| 3. Focus on product| 1. Open new distribution in focus place in South Asia 2. Maintain as international product with attracting more customer especially in South Asia| WO Stratergies 1. Reduce expendeture| 1. Reduce OPEX for staff turnover or travelling 2. Use internal workers, avoid recruitment| 2. Improve current marketing stratergy| 1. Stratergic place 2. Stratergic demand| 3. CRM| 1. Membership to loyal customer 2. Friendly web design| ST Stratergies 1. Interactive web portal|...
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