Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Topics: Rhetoric, Argumentative, Writing Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 7, 2013
ENG 1021
Project 3A: Due Wednesday, April 3, by 3:00 pm
4 to 8 paragraphs
You will write a persuasive essay taking a stand on a claim related to one of the Case Studies created by your fellow students. You will use a typical classical argument structure to write this assignment. The classical argument has 5 main parts: 1. An introduction containing a thesis statement taking a stand that you want to persuade the reader to accept. 2. “Narration,” or background material explaining the necessary contextual/historical information to understand the issue. 3. The body of the argument, consisting of the reasons to support the claim and including evidence that supports these reasons. 4. A discussion of your opponent’s point of view, conceding some points and rebutting the others. 5. A conclusion that sums up and amplifies the significance of the argument you have made. Grading Criteria:

_____Introduction grabs attention and expresses main idea of essay. _____Thesis/main point is central/clearly stated and addresses question in a thoughtful way. _____Background information is provided and helps the reader understand the issue. _____Supporting points offer reasons to back up the thesis/main point. _____Details, facts, examples are used to back up supporting points. _____Opposing arguments are discussed and rebutted effectively. _____Conclusion summarizes and explains significance of the essay. _____Each body paragraph has a topic sentence or sentences that focuses the paragraph. _____Transitions are used to direct the reader from paragraph to paragraph and explain relationships among ideas. _____There are few sentence structure errors.

_____Clarity of word choices is demonstrated.
_____Other grammar errors are infrequent.
_____Mechanics/typos/etc. are infrequent.
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