Mediation in Third Party Intervention

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Mediation in Third Party Intervention
Communication and Conflict

In cases of conflict where parties are having difficulty communicating or negotiating an outside help or third party can help the parties communicate effectively. Third parties1 act as a facilitator and help each side in analyze the conflict (Burgess, Burgess, 1998). Third party interventions are available in several forms. Informal third party intervention consists of helping parties with whom relational ties exist (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007). Formal third party intervention is helping conflict by way of mediators, counselors, arbitrators and the court system (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007).

When using a third party in conflicts, many conflicts require a third party that does not have an interest in the outcome of the conflict (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007). This will assist in a partiality and favoritism with the parties involved. Conciliation is when a third party provides an informal communication between the conflicting parties to identify content issues, lowering tension, and encouraging interaction (Fisher, 2007). An informal intervention consists of friends or family members facilitating the intervention directly or indirectly (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007).

Formal intervention consists of a more formal approach to resolving conflict between individuals. This includes, but not limited to, paid counselors, mediators, legal intervention, judges or group facilitators (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007). Some formal types of third party intervention are arbitration, adjudication and mediation. In arbitration and adjudication, the decision of the outcome is based on an outsider, the judge, jury or arbitrator (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007). However, in mediation, the outcome is based on the party’s management of their own conflict (Wilmot, Hocker, 2007).

Similar to arbitration, adjudication is the process by which a decision is made, because parties cannot resolve their own conflict,...
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