Advocacy and Mediation in Human Services

Topics: Controversies, Controversy, Mediation Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Advocacy and Mediation in Human Services

Advocacy and Mediation in Human Services
As a professional in the human services field it is expected that you have be driven and committed to providing quality services in order to improve and impact the lives of people. One of the most important objectives for a person in the advocacy role is to make sure that they are meeting the needs of the client. This goal is achieved by making sure that you are advocating for the client when they need it done. The mediation process is a process that can take place and can be mint to help because it allows you the opportunity to allow individuals to meet their goals and objectives. In this paper the writer will discuss integration of mediation and advocacy within a human services agency on a national level. The writer will also discuss and give his or her opinion in regards to whether he or she believes that mediation is appropriate for different populations within the human services field. Finding ways to address on how to improve and maintain a high level of services is very important in the human service field. Professionals in the field must try and continue to stay focused on different ways to address situation, and have consistency in how services to people are being delivered. Human Services agencies have a critical involvement in helping to resolve certain issues in different parts of the world where they have serious differences in government regarding the homeless, and poor in other countries. Also, human service agencies find themselves trapped between the supportive need of mediation and advocacy. In this situation the mediator has the responsibility of making sure that there is forward progress as a third party that has the responsibility of making sure that the environment is calm and as much as possible affective (Cemlyn, 2000). Advocacy and mediation both serve a huge purpose n the human service field but they have been integrated into two different...
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