Unit 9 Family Mediation

Topics: Divorce, Marriage, Family law Pages: 12 (4512 words) Published: January 17, 2012
PA415-02: Family Law and Divorce Mediation/Professor Berube| J.Cox – Unit 9 Final Project: Mediation Agreement|
David and Angela Divorce Agreement|
Jamie D. Cox|


Memorandum of Dissolution of Marriage Mediation Agreement
Doe, David and Angela:
Reason to seek dissolution of marriage: An agreement has been made between David Doe (husband) and Angela Doe (wife), (identified herein as a “party” or “parties”) and the Kaplan Center of Resolution of Disputes LLC (hereafter “Kaplan”) and Professor J. Berube (mediator). David and Angela Doe have come to an agreement to seek dissolution of marriage. Both parties have agreed and signed an agreement with Kaplan Center of Resolution of Disputes LLC for the purpose of settling all issues that might be the subject of a contested litigation. Kaplan and both parties have agreed and have an understanding that the mediation process shall be fair and equitable throughout. Each party agrees to seek individual legal representation: Mediation was conducted by Professor Berube, of the Kaplan Center of Resolution of Disputes LLC. Prior to mediation, both parties agreed to seek legal representation with the understanding that neither Kaplan Center of Resolution of Disputes LLC nor the mediator, Professor Berube, will represent either party. Both parties agree and understand the choice of the legal representation the each chose, will provide each with an independent judgment about the decisions reached in mediation. Memorandum reflects on the agreement that was reached in the mediation process: After careful review of all facts and options, both parties have provided copies of their full nature and extent of (a) a statement of assets and liabilities from each party (b) a budget for each party’s separate household expenses, (c) documents that have been identified by the mediator Berube, regarding the financial statements, bank statements, and/or pension fund statements. Both parties agreed upon such documents and wish their legal counselor to legally bind the information into the settlement agreement. With the understanding that failure to fully disclose any financial information may result in voiding the agreement made during mediation. There may be some word changes based on the counselors review. The parties have agreed not to remove, stop, transfer, or prevent the other party of any money from the joint bank account that is to be used for the living arrangements and needs for the minor children that have come out of the marriage of this party. An agreement from both parties have been made that both parties shall put money into the account to help pay for expenses until the dissolution of marriage is completed. Mediation in a Divorce with Children: Both parties have agreed to split the cost of mediation before the process begins. Below is a detailed description of the cost of mediation with children: A) For parties with combined income of $50,000.00 or less- B) $120.00 per hour OR a flat fee option of $1,500.00

C) $375.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time the mediation is scheduled. D) For parties with combined income above $50,000.00-
E) $240 per hour OR a flat fee option of $4,500.00.
F) $720 non-refundable deposit due at the time the mediation is scheduled. G) All non-refundable deposits are applied to the total fee for mediation services. H) Each party is responsible for one-half of the fees unless they otherwise agree. http://fldivorcemediation.com/HowWeWork.aspx

In Witness Whereof, the parties have set their hands and seals the day and year first written above. Agreed to this _____ day of __________,__________.
Husband: ____________________ Wife: ____________________ (print) ____________________ (print) ____________________ Witness by:Jamie D. Cox – paralegal - Husband’s attorney _____________________...
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